China: Tahe, -45 degrees

Ice swimming

J1664x2496-12469 © Helen Couchman

Frozen river

J2496x1664-12602 show Whiteout China for web © Helen Couchman

Frozen fish for sale

J2496x1664-15006 © Helen Couchman

North across the river to Russia.

A new village

Aihui wei people

J2496x1664-18500 North Pole Village China © Helen Couchman

J2496x1664-18540 North Pole Village China © Helen Couchman

Christian cross

J2496x1664-18661 North ploe village China © Helen Couchman

North Pole Village

Warm by the oven, North Pole Village


Fish at the market, -45Àö

J2496x1664-18982 chinese new year decorations Mohe China © Helen Couchman

Russia border © Helen Couchman

Local government office

T2496x1664-11486 Heihe China © Helen Couchman

Hotel lounge with tea cups

T2496x1664-14764 Sking in China for web © Helen Couchman

Opening of a ski centre, Heilongjiang, China

T2496x1664-15009 Tahe station dawn China © Helen Couchman

T2496x1664-15069 northern train station China © Helen Couchman

Aihui wei people